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Children's Health Project Launch Day October 2018

The day began with an assembly with a very special visitor. Spiderman arrived to tell the children about his friends Captain kinetic, Nutrition Ninja, MIndset Warrior and Agent Lifestyle and what heroes they are. The project is designed to develop skills for health and well being around movement, eating and drinking habits, positive thinking and emotions as well as making good choices and spending time with your family and friends. The project can be viewed in more detail at the the 

Photos to follow. 

The planetarium visit Sept 2018

This September we had Science Dome UK come to the school for a whole day with their wonderful interactive purpose built Dome showing 360 degree pictures and feature films. During the school day all the children entered the Dome where they learned about Light, Space and Dark.

All the children and their teachers/helpers who entered the Dome and experienced this fully interactive show said it was amazing, the children really were mesmerised and thoroughly enjoyed their experience, which was fun and educational at the same time.

In the evening there were five shows on Space Exploration covering eras such as Galileo to the later moon landings of the 1960’s. The Apollo moon missions were covered with real life pictures of Saturn V, as well as the launch videos.

The feedback we have received has been great and I think we can safely say that all who came to the shows in the evening thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The children were all mesmerised with their 360 degree Dome experience during the day, which has tied in with the topic of Space which they will be covering in school this term.

We are really pleased with the success of this really fun, yet educational experience we have been able to provide/offer the children and hope to be able to continue to provide fun, educational experiences for the children going forward with your support.

Thank You

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