Hatfield Peverel Infant School

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Eric's Page

Our ERIC system. 

The 'immediate' ERIC token:

This will be given to children in class or around the school,  and they will put it on a chart on the wall. The chart will indicate to the teacher the values most rewarded for and a target for the class to work towards, as well as being a reward for individuals immediately.

The class reward:

These tokens will be totalled up each week and used towards a class total in order to be awarded a point and to keep ERIC for the week. Over the term classes will achieve points. At the end of the term the class with the greatest points will have an ERIC treat (a simple one!). You will probably recognise this as similar to a house system you had at school.

Home ERICs

These will be continued and is a worthwhile bridge between home and school and gives children a chance to share with us small achievements and personal targets as well as cementing the values. These will be read out in assembly and then collected and put in a class book in the book corner of each classroom.

ERIC targets

These will be differentiated for each year group. When your child achieves all targets for one of the values a ‘star’ will be shared in assembly and then sent home. when they achieve all 4 then a gold star will be displayed in the hall and sent home when the board is changed. They will also receive a prize.

This system gives children the chance to get immediate reward as well as having a group target and long term goal, thus providing many opportunities for them to succeed.

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