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Yeti's Page

If you have a child in Year 2 you may be wondering who Yeti is and how he helps with our learning! Yeti is Eric's best friend and is there to encourage the children to keep trying hard and choose things that are difficult rather than taking the easy option!

Don't say "I can't do it"

say "I can't do it YET!" 

Yeti is our way of encouraging the children to develop more resilience and responsibility for their learning. Twice a week Year 2 have 15 minutes with their Yeti Pack and this is the time THEY choose which skills they need to work more on. This might be spelling, handwriting, Buzz Words, learning times tables, joining their writing, in fact anything that they have been learning that they think they need to improve.

Each Year 2 class has a yeti mascot complete with outfits to help encourage them. Why not ask the children how Yeti helps them in class!

Yeti is actually helping the children develop what is called 


What is a growth mindset I hear you ask!

Lots of research has been done into what makes a difference in children's learning and how adults can help them become better learners. They have found that children's ATTITUDE is the biggest decider in how well they do at school.

Here is a copy of a presentation we have designed to explain a bot more about MINDSETS and ATTITUDE to learning.
It is also available on our information and policies page as a Powerpoint Presentation if you prefer.