New Hatfield Peverel Infants School

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School Aims

Our Vision:

To provide a safe, welcoming, stimulating, varied and happy environment to enable all pupils to attain high levels of achievement and fulfil their potential whilst catering for individual needs and circumstances.

Our Aims:

• Through a wide range of experiences, to give a broad and balanced education, employing suitable teaching strategies which     make effective use of individual, small group and whole class teaching as appropriate

• To set high standards of work, manners and behaviour 

• To help each child to be self-disciplined, responsible and to show initiative

• To encourage tolerance and respect for others ensuring equal access and opportunity for all pupils in all aspects of provision

• To promote and develop as fully as possible the personal development of each child in order to strengthen personal esteem      and self-confidence

• To provide a challenging environment that fosters the development of the highest intellectual ability of each child and the 

   growth of artistic talent and physical skills

• To help pupils to appreciate and be concerned about their environment and to understand and to value the contributions            made by all members of the school community

• To help pupils to enjoy their current stage of development to the full, nurturing in them a delight in learning and achievement

• To use and manage physical, material and human resources efficiently in order to enrich the quality of learning and teaching

• To ensure a safe and well-ordered school environment

• To encourage regular communication and dialogue with parents

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