Hatfield Peverel Infant School


Rewards and Celebrating Achievement

Throughout the school we aim to reward children for a range of academic and social achievements during the year. Here is a summary of the main rewards your child might recieve at our school:

  • New ERIC certificates, stars and prizes! See Eric's Page for details.
  • 100% attendance certificate: awarded at the end of the summer term;
  • Headteacher's Rainbow Certificate: teachers select two children each week from their class to receive one of these in a Friday assembly for improved effort, good behaviour or achievement in a particular subject area;
  • Buzz Word Certificates: these are presented for learning to read or spell particular sets of common words;
  • Stickers: these are presented by teachers, the support assistants, the midday assistants and the headteacher for a wide variety of reasons
  • Reading Awards: Reception children visit the headteacher for a special sticker when they complete their reading log but earn mini stickers all the way through. Year 1 have a Reading Trail and can earn a variety of awards through their log and Year 2 move on to select their own mini prizes. This culminates with a book prize for completing a Reading Trail;
  • Times Tables: we have introducing certificates for Year 2 to earn for learning their times tables; this will be extended to Number Bonds Certificates too.
  • Thinkers Award: we present a small award to Year 2 children who have completed all six thinkers homework actvities in the summer term;
  • Swimming Medals: every child who has taken part in swimming in school to some extent is awarded a medal for taking part, bronze in Reception, silver in Year 1 and gold in Year 2.

There are also other events and competitions organised during the year such as the summer art competition for the Hatfield Peverel Art Group display. They provide prizes for each year group and we provide certificates for participation. There are also competitions organised by the ISA and again awards, certificates or prizes are given presented.

For especially good or improved effort or work, children may be sent to another adult in school, including the headteacher, for praise and encouragement. This may include a sticker reward or mini certificate, as we know that celebrating the small steps is very important to encourage all young children to try their best in all they do.