Hatfield Peverel Infant School


Welcome to Our School

Our school is a Community Infant School for boys and girls aged four to seven. The majority of children attending the school live in the village although we do have lots of children attending from surrounding villages and the outskirts of Witham and beyond. 

We have 60 places in each year group and all admissions are dealt with by Essex County Council so please contact them directly for any inquiry about availability of places (please see our Links Page for a direct link to Essex County Council). We hope you find our website useful and informative. If you would like to know more please contact the school using this site or the details given on our Communication Page. Thank you.

Our Values

Together we strive to provide a welcoming, stimulating and happy environment that enables all pupils to attain high levels of achievement while catering for individual needs. We have high expectations of our whole school community, and along with our core values this enables us to work together to achieve our aims.

Our core values are:

Our Aims

  • Through a wide range of experiences, to give a broad and balanced education, employing suitable teaching strategies which make effective use of individual, small group and whole class teaching as appropriate.
  • To set high standards of work, manners and behaviour.
  • To help each child to be self-disciplined, responsible and to show initiative.
  • To encourage tolerance and respect for others ensuring equal access and opportunity for all pupils in all aspects of provision.
  • To promote and develop as fully as possible the personal development of each child in order to strengthen personal esteem and self confidence.
  • To provide a challenging environment that fosters the development of the highest intellectual ability of each child and the growth of artistic talent and physical skill.
  • To help pupils to appreciate and be concerned about their environment and to understand and to value the contributions made by all members of the school community.
  • To help pupils to enjoy their current stage of development to the full, nurturing in them a delight in learning and achievement.
  • To use and manage physical, material and human resources efficiently in order to enrich the quality of learning and teaching.
  • To ensure a safe and well-ordered school environment.
  • To encourage regular communication and dialogue with parents.

What do people think about our school?

Adrian Cuthill came in today, 7th March 2016, to provide Tag Rugby taster sessions for the children. What a fantastic time they had! He also made a point of saying what a wonderful day he had had at our school and noted that all the children used lots of 'please' and 'thank yous' showing really good manners as well as lots of enthusiasm. Well done to all the children and KEEP IT UP!

Extra Information

To find out about staffing, please click here.

 Please also see our

Ofsted Report 2017

Our Vision

We value all children equally, whatever the differences in their abilities or behaviours, and believe that every child matters. We aim to meet individual needs and provide opportunities for children to make good progress; all children should enjoy reaching their goals and have this achievement celebrated. We want all our children to be safe, achieve well, be healthy, be happy and grow up to be successful adults who make a positive contribution to the society in which they live.

Children gain in confidence during their time at the school and their achievements are celebrated by both staff and pupils. In addition all children are encouraged to work with Effort, show Respect, gain in Independence and show effective Communication as part of our ERIC project. 

You can find out more about ERIC on the school website where he has his own page explaining all the awards that any child can achieve!

School Policy for Photographs
on the Website

Parents please note that it is our policy to show children's work or pictures of children without their names. 
It is worthwhile looking through the gallery with your child who will be able to pick out important work for you to share together. They will be able to tell you all about the relevant displays. The photo gallery is password protected: if you cannot remember your password, please contact the school office who will help you.