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Eric's Page!

Eric Updates for 2017

The new system still has ERIC values and motivational rewards and will work as follows:

The immediate ERIC token:

This will be given to children in class and they will put it on a chart on the wall. The chart will indicate to the teacher the values most rewarded for and a target for the class to work towards, as well as reward individuals immediately.

The class reward:

These tokens will be totalled up each week and used towards a class total in order to be awarded a point and to keep ERIC for the week. Over the term classes will achieve points. At the end of the term the class with the greatest points will have an ERIC treat (a simple one!). You will probably recognise this as similar to a house system you had at school.

Home ERICs

These will be continued and is a worthwhile bridge between home and school and gives children a chance to share with us small achievements and personal targets as well as cementing the values. These will be read out in assembly and then collected and put in a class book in the book corner of each classroom.

ERIC targets

These will be differentiated for each year group. When your child achieves all targets for one of the values a ‘star’ will be shared in assembly and then sent home. when they achieve all 4 then a gold star will be displayed in the hall and sent home when the board is changed. They will also receive a prize.

This system gives children the chance to get immediate reward as well as having a group target and long term goal, thus [providing many opportunites for them to succeed.

Please click on the titles below if you would like to see copies of the key posters and resources linked to our Eric Project!

Making Time to Talk 
Ideas to help your child with communication

Eric's Learning Pyramid
A copy of Eric's advice about what makes the most difference when supporting at home

A copy of our Home Eric sheet so that you can send us in good news if your child has done something you are proud of. These are shared in assembly each week.

And not forgetting ....

A home lending resource from Eric to promote communication skills (as this is the hardest one to achieve).

There is a large sack including:

  • Eric
  • Eric clothes to dress him in
  • Games and ideas to play at home
  • Talking homework ideas

Please enjoy playing with Eric over the weekend and send him back to share his adventures with the class on Monday morning!

Every child who wants to will have a chance to borrow Eric's Communication Kit over a weekend throughout the year. Please fill in the letter sent home if you would like your child to have a chance to borrow Eric, and don't panic if your child does not get a turn straight away because the teachers will make sure that this is loaned out fairly.

As this has proved so popular Year 1 and reception will have a second Eric Communication Kit to loan out and Year 2 will have a brand new Yeti Communication Kit as well as their Eric Communication Kit! We hope you enjoy using these :-) 

The Good Learners Project: Eric!

Eric the Elephant is our school mascot who helps children develop their learning skills across the curriculum. His name stands for:


and the children can collect special awards during the year if Eric spots them consistently using these skills.

  1. Each child is given an Eric Card to bring home so that you can date or colour in when a sub-skill is achieved to help track which awards they children need to get.
  2. For each of the sub-skills (1, 2, 3 and 4), the children can earn black and white certificates to bring home so you know which skill they are consistently using in school.
  3. The children are awarded an Eric post card to post in his special shiny blue post box in the school hall when they earn a colour certificate for completing one of the above learning skills.
  4. The teachers will keep a class chart with all the dates to celebrate in school too.
  5. In addition, any child awarded a colour Eric Certificate will have their name written on an Eric Star and placed on the central display. 

These will be very special and not given out lightly!
4.  There are 4 different colour certificates to collect, one for each initial, and if a child collects all four then they are awarded a special elephant prize, their name goes in the school newsletter and they get a certificate with their photograph taken with Eric!
5.  Some parents and governors have said they would find the Eric Posters useful to have at home too as they want to support our drive to create good learners as well as praise and encourage their child for working hard to use these skills in everyday life. These are available at the top of the page. 

Effort, respect, independence and communication apply where ever we are, in class, in the playground, in the lunch hall and at home too!

In Reception children work on their basic Eric skills as shown on the Reception Eric Card.

There are examples noted so you know what sort of things Eric is looking for when he gives out his certificates!

Your child will get a numbered certificate to bring home when they consistently use a skill in school and then you can colour in the appropriate box on the chart with your child.

Year 1 and 2 have a more advanced card to work on, and because they are that little bit older and more mature the expectations now increase!

The targets are the same but the examples show you the next stage in their development to being a great learner.

Just like in Reception, your child will get a numbered certificate to bring home when they consistently use a skill in school and then you can colour in the appropriate box on the chart with your child. 

We have also printed a reminder on the back of each card to help you help us with this special project.

Home Erics

Some of our parents and governors thought it would be a good idea to involve parents in the project so we made some blank mini certificates that could be awarded by parents and then shared in school. A 'Home Eric' is a little certificate that parents can fill in to say why they are proud of their child FOR ANY REASON and then send this in to school.

In Reception these notes are shared and then collected into the children's Learning Journey which will be sent home to treasure at the end of the year. In Year 1 and Year 2 Mrs Lewis, our headteacher, reads out any 'Home Erics' in our special weekly Eric Assembly so that everyone knows who has made their parents proud. These 'Home Erics' are then stuck in Eric's Special Book which is on display in our entrance area.

Mini Erics

Our Support Staff also wanted to join in so our Midday Assistants now have a set of 
Mini Eric certificates that are awarded for good manners, clean plates and 
being helpful at lunchtime. Our office staff also have some mini certificates 
that they give out when they are very impressed with the children. The Teacher Assistants also fill in messages from Eric so that they too can help Eric catch the children using their skills in class and around the school.

Leaflets to Help at Home

ERIC has published four different leaflets to help families understand exactly what ERIC is looking for in each of the four areas. There will be helpful suggestions for you as well as a chance to celebrate the things you are already doing at home that will help your child achieve their next award.

Effort Leaflet     Respect Leaflet     Independence Leaflet     Communication Leaflet    

Advanced Eric Learners

Eric was a bit worried that the children who achieved his Eric Award might forget him. So he asked the children and parents what they thought and he has come up with some new ideas for our advanced learners! 

When you have earned your Elephant Prize and achieved all 4 skills and had your name in the newsletter, Eric will watch our for you continuing to use your skills ALL THE TIME in your learning. If Eric spots that you are ALWAYS using your learning skills he will ask the teachers to fill in an Advanced Eric Post Card and you can post it in to Eric's Tea Time Tin (kept in Mrs Lewis's office).

Every time there are enough names in the tin, Eric will draw out a few in assembly and those lucky children will be invited to a Tea Party with Eric and Mrs Lewis! There will be juice and biscuits at the Tea Party, a chance to talk to Eric and Mrs Lewis about your learning and come up with ideas to make our school even better. 

There will be a special enamel Good Learner Award badge for any children who come along to Eric's Tea Party and we would love it if they could wear this badge every day with pride!

If you have any ideas of how we can get Eric to help the children become 'good learners', please just drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you.