Hatfield Peverel Infant School


The Curriculum

Parents who have been the main influence on their child’s development before coming to Hatfield Peverel Infant School will continue to have a significant influence in partnership with the school. When children enter the school they will already have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Our curriculum aims to provide them with appropriate opportunities for further intellectual, aesthetic, physical, personal, social, moral and spiritual growth.

Our Curriculum aims to deepen children’s experiences by addressing all areas of learning through well-planned and imaginative activities. Please look at the page for Foundation Stage (Reception children) and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2 children).

Please also visit our Children's Page which contains links to two really interesting websites that will support their learning. One focuses on reading and spelling, and another supports across the whole curriculum. We hope the children enjoy these activities!

If you would like further information about our curriculum please visit the year group pages for detail, or ask your child's teacher for an appointment. If you do not have a child at our school then please contact the school office who will do their best to meet your request.

Our Approach to Phonics

Our Approach to Reading

We use Jolly Phonics as our introductory scheme for teaching a systematic synthetics approach to phonics in Reception. There are lots of additional resources avaialble out there for parents, but we also send home activities so that families can support at home and understand what we are teaching and when.

As the children move to Year 1 we move to using Phonicsplay resources and follow the government recommended Letters and Sounds scheme for planning. There is an extended phonics application lesson to start the week with follow up shorter session on other days. We also send home a half termly Word Wizard booklet that contains lots of fun activities to reinforce the phonics and spellings that have been taught so far. Please see our leaflet about phonics on the Information and Policies page.

We have the same approach right through the school and every class has home lending resources to support reading at home too. We use a variety of the most well known reading scheme resources such as Jolly Phonics and Songbirds which have a phonics approach, as well as colour banded resources from othe schemes such as Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star. In addition there are a range of quality 'real' books that have been levelled and added to the book trolleys for breadth and enjoyment.

The children work their way through each colour band until they are confident and competent with the required skills. At that point the teachers will assess them and potentially move them on to the next colour band. Please see our leaflet about reading on the Information and Policies page.

PE and Sport Provision

We follow the Essex Syllabus for PE supplemented by specialist coaches and enrichment days. In principle every child receives at least 2 hours of physical activity a week including a daily wake and shake up programme called Five A Day which the children absolutely love. In Key Stage 1 there is one longer and one shorter PE lesson every week and a Yoga for Children session too. The cycle of units follows the seasons so that we can make best use of outdoor space during the best weather:

Autumn Term: Games Unit, Dance Unit and a Gymnastics Floorwork Unit
Spring Term: Gymnastics Small Apparatus Unit, Gymnastics Large Apparatus Unit and a Dance Unit
Summer Term: A Dance Unit, Athletics Unit and a Swimming Unit (see below)


We are delighted to be able to provide swimming lessons by a qualified instructor during the second half of the summer term to every child in the school. This is because St Andrew's Junior School have an outdoor swimming pool on their site and they generously let us share the facility with them.

 We do ask for parental contributions to enable us to provide this excellent life skill tuition.


Please have a look at our Swimming Information Leaflet to find out more about swimming at our school.

Additional Events for Specific Talents

From time to time there are special events put on by a collaboration of the schools in the Witham area. This is part of our joint work for gifted and talented children providing extension or challenging activities. To date there have been a range of events over the years:
  • Sporting competitions and experience days
  • Infant District Sports and  
  • We host the annual Infant Music Festival.

These events are usually 'one offs' organised by individual schools who then invite other schools to select a few pupils to attend.

For a child to be selected, teachers of the relevant age group are asked to recommend children who have shown particular talent in that area of the curriculum during the year. In the case of sports events, heats are held to aid the selection process in which all the children participate. If we host an event we are obviously able to include more children than we could otherwise.

We will always write to parents of the children selected for permission to include them if a) transport off site is involved or b) the event is out of school hours. Otherwise children will take part in school in normal school hours. In addition we will publish any photos of such events in our Gallery Page on the website.