Hatfield Peverel Infant School



Welcome to our children's page!

There are some things you can do at home to help your learning in school; you might need to ask your mum, dad or carer to help you.


Reading Activities

Try and remember to bring your bookbag to school everyday and borrow a Star book for your grown up to read to you and a Sticker book that you can read to them.


  • Read my sticker book with a grown up at home as often as I can.
  • Ask a grown up to fill in my Home Reading Log (Reception children).    
  • Ask a grown up to fill in your Reading Trail (Year 1 and Year 2 children).
  • Have a go at extra reading activities through the 'Oxford Owl' website.
  • Try out some phonic games at the website 'Teach Your Monster to Read'.

'Oxford Owl'.

Just click on the picture.

 'Teach Your Monster to Read'.

This site has a new game published in autumn 2013 called 'Fun With Words'.

It supports early reading and phonics work for reception and year 1 children!

Just click on the picture.

Maths Activities

  • Reception Children: Play my Maths Games with my family and use my Number Line at home (your child will be given one as they start school)..


  • Visit the Espresso website by clicking on the picture in the Espresso box below and log on using your password to find lots of maths activities.

  • Year 1 Children: Number Bonds Homework. This will be sent home by the teachers once the children are settled in Year 1.  There is also a Year 1 Maths Mat sent home to help you practice basic skills too and later in the year a booklet outlining Instant Recall expectations.

  • Year 2 Children: continuing with Number Bonds Homework and then moving on to Times Tables Homework. Again, these will be sent out by the teachers as the children settle to Year 2.  There is also a Year 2 Maths Mat sent home to help you practice basic skills too and later in the year a booklet outlining Instant Recall expectations.

(Your password for Espresso is included on the bottom of your paper curriculum newsletters).

Spelling Activities

Your teacher will send home a page of words to learn to read and spell off-by-heart. These are known as Buzz Words because they have a bumble bee on them!  When you are in Reception you will start to learn Mini Buzz A, then Mini Buzz B, C and then D.

After the Mini Buzz Sheets we have Buzz Words One (which is all of the mini sheets together), and then there are 5 more different sets of Buzz Words to work on as you move through the school. These form the 100+ most commonly used words in reading and writing so will really help you in school.

Each time you have learned to read a set of words you will get a certificate and a special gold sticker. The hardest part is then learning to spell the words too so that you can write them correctly when you are doing writing activities! The teachers and helpers will make sure they check which Buzz Words you know once each half term so that you can earn your certificates and sticker rewards.

Espresso Across the Curriculum

In fact, there are loads of extra things to do on the espresso website across the whole curriculum. There is also a home learning section with advice for parents too. Just look under F for foundation stage (Reception children) or 1 for Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2 children).

Purple Mash Across the Curriculum

Loads more things to try and lots of different games and educational software. (N.B. you will need your child's personal log in which has been sent to you).